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Anonymous: my paypal account won't allow me to send money, is there any way you could make a donate button? Sorry, I hate to ask you to do anything but I really want to help.

I made a Donate Button! It’s in my Tumblr Page at the moment, thank you!

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Anonymous: how can i donate??

Ah! You can donate through paypal! My paypal is:

I should have a commission sheet by the end of this week or earlier, sadly enough, it seems I will lose my phone in the process because they need to sell it.. Welp..

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I.. am in dire need to do commissions or something.. apparently I have bills to pay.. and if I don’t do something about it, I might get kicked out.

If you guys are interested in commissions, give me a message. I needed to discuss to someone how much my drawing costs.

Donations would be lovely too, if that’s applicable.

Thank you guys for hearing me out.

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